From the HBD Archive
From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: Only nose knows
Date: 1992-04-02 20:55:00 GMT

I read the ongoing thread about ales vs lagers and can't help but wonder
how many brewers that have difficulty differentiating subtle aromatic and
taste differences in beers are smokers? Most smokers would be hard pressed to
identify gross differences in smells between ANY two items (I'm really trying
to be nice and general here) much less the subtle differences in beer aromas.
I remember the Mr. Wizard test where he closes a kids eyes and holds thier
nose and ask them what they are biting into. When they bite into an onion
they think they are biting into an apple. Once he lets the kid smell, the kid
immediately knows its an onion. I would suggest a smoker has a partial nose
clip on at all times :-).

Bob Jones

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