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From: Jacob Galley <>
Subject: Stinks & a question
Date: 1992-04-03 01:21:15 GMT

Walter Gude adds:

>The only times I've ever gotten a rotten egg smell is when I've fermented with
>more than 75% wheat malt. [ . . . ] The German Ale
>yeast had the sulfur smell for about a day and then its gone. Two weeks in the
>bottle and this beer is smooth clean and wonderful, better than the RS batch.

I currently have a Koelsch-esque brew fermenting with a rather stinky
air about it. That's roughly 15% wheat and German Ale Wyeast. I
mustered up the courage to taste it, nose held, and it's seems fine.
I'm not worried. I also used the slurry from the Koelsch for my Fine
Line Barleywine (aka Sleepout Imperative Stout), and this brew smells
fine -- good, even.

That reminds me . . .

Said barleywine is based on the Empirical Stout recipe in Meow I
(sorry, but I don't remember the creator off-hand). This recipe calls
for a primary ferment using some Ale Wyeast or other, and then, when
this yeast has passed on (so to speak), a secondary ferment using
champagne yeast. Does anyone have any comments on this technique? How
would it work on a mead?


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