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From: grumpy!cr@uunet.UU.NET (C.R. Saikley)
Subject: Using Pale Extracts in Stouts
Date: 1992-04-02 22:20:35 GMT

From: Frank Tutzauer <>

>Since I am currently an
>extract brewer, I understand that I am somewhat at the mercy of the companies
>that manufacture my malt extract. Nonetheless, I would like to know what
>determines the color of my beer's head in stouts and porters, and what I can
>do to influence that color.

Before I made the move to all grain, I too wanted to have more influence
over my beers. Not just head color, but in every respect possible. Short
going all grain, there are things one can do.

Try using the palest extract available, regardless of whether you're
making a light lager or a stout. Starting from this point, you can
then adjust the color and malt character by adding specialty malts
(crystal, chocolate, etc.) as desired. Especially in darker brews, the
color and flavor contributions of the extract become less significant,
giving the extract brewer greater control over the outcome.


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