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From: Kathleen T Moore <>
Subject: Thermo/Hydro/Micro
Date: 1992-04-03 06:00:57 GMT

Someone wanted to know about a combination thermometer-hydrometer.
Well, I use one sold by Crosby & Baker, catalog # 3103.
It has a thermometer range of approx. 0-215F and a standard 3-scale hydrometer.
I don't know if C & B sells retail. (I buy the hydrometers for my brewery!)
The price in their wholesale catalog is $8.10, so you might expect to pay
$15.00 for it at a homebrew shop. Their address is:

Crosby & Baker
999 Main Road
P.O. Box 3409
Westport, Massachusetts 02790

(800) 992-0141
(508) 636-5154

(Insert standard disclaimer here.)

Since I recieved only one or two responses to my question about brewing
microbiology, I will restate it more specifically:

Where can I find, or who can provide me with specific info
on detection and identification of beer spoiling organisms?
Specifically, I'm interested in preparing selective and
differential media for the culture of :

1. Obesumbacterium proteus
2. Escherichia spp.
3. Lactobacillus spp.
4. Pediococcus spp.
5. Acetobacter spp.
6. Acetomonas spp.
7. Zymomonas spp.
8. Aerobacter spp.

Of course, I am particularly interested with techniques commonly
employed by breweries. I have access to incubators and autoclaves,
and I also have basic streaking-plating-culturing experience.

Perhaps someone who has attended the Siebel Institute's Course
on Microbiology could point me in the right direction or even
sell me a copy of their notebooks.

Also, related yeast handling techniques would be appreciated.

Does anyone know the cost of a Difco Manual?

Finally, what exactly is the difference between Hallertau mittelfreuh and
Hallertau hersbrucker? I know the mittelfreuh is regarded as the nobler of
the two, but what else? Are mittelfreuhs available to homebrewers in
the U.S.? Can we get mittelfreuh rhizomes? Do the suppliers know the
difference? Etc.

Perhaps Dr. Farnsworth could help me with my microbio question as I know
that he at one time sold culturing equipment to homebrewers.

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