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From: Mike Sharp <>
Subject: Re: Grain from hell, Yeast/Bacteria ID
Date: 1992-04-03 11:28:32 GMT

> From: brians <>
> To Mike Sharp, re the Mash Tun From H*ll:
> >Yesterday's alpha test recipe was fairly generic (a shock to many who
> >know me!):
> > 30lb 6-row pale
> > 5lb 40L crystal
> Just curious--what do you do with 35lb of waterlogged grain after the
> mash?
I'm open to suggestions. I live in a city appartment so I don't need
compost & I don't own any animals that would normally eat the spent grain.
(at least my cat didn't seem interested at the time)

> From: Kathleen T Moore <>
> Where can I find, or who can provide me with specific info
> on detection and identification of beer spoiling organisms?
> Specifically, I'm interested in preparing selective and
> differential media for the culture of :

two sources come to mind. Bergie's (sp?) Bacteriology and _The_Yeasts_
by Lodder & Van Rij, or a trained microbiologist. I'd suggest the
later route if you don't have any training. These texts are not easy
bed-time reading and are far from a how-to. (as far as I can tell
an easy how-to doesn't exist)

There are also a number of different kinds of identification kits that
one can get from places like Roche (sorry, no adress). They are
essentially tubes of many different media. You take a sample and
streak it across all of the different media & then observe growth/no growth.
You then compare the results to a big chart & hopefully find out what
you've got. (of course if what your testing is a mixed cultured of stuff
then you'll probably go crazy trying to match the result up.

> Does anyone know the cost of a Difco Manual?
Its $25 from Fischer Scientific. I don't know if the price is better
(or even if it is available) directly from Difco. I assume it
must at least be available from Difco. Don't expect this to be a
how-to of identification. (or even a pointer to a how-to)


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