From the HBD Archive
From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: Fix's Review of Jack's Mill
Date: 1992-04-03 03:11:00 GMT

To: Homebrew Digest
Fm: Jack Schmidling

From: (George J Fix)

>It seems that every time I would start the review, Jack would send a post to
HBD insulting someone I liked and respected.

What goes around, comes around. I appreciate your tolerance.

>Jack has gone overboard with respect to safety....

>Also by by stepping up to 1/2 hp, one could start the mill with grains in
the hopper.

I have been told that as little as 1/6 hp will do the trick. I put the 1/2
hp motor from my belt sander on one and it scared the hell out of me.

>Second, the pulley driving the rollers is not rigidly attached to the
rollers, but rather to a slip disc on the roller shaft. Jack did this
obiously with safety in mind.

Actually, I did it because I am unable to get the pulley with a 3/8" bore and
use a 1/2 to 3/8 bushing. I should have drilled it out but it did not slip
when I checked it out. I will in the future drill it out so the set screw
seats on the flat ground on the end of the shaft.

>Congratulations Jack. You have every right to be proud of your mill.

I am even more proud when the kudos come from someone as highly esteemed as

For the record, I am just about out of the surplus rollers that started this
whole business. I have found a vendor willing to make a look alike for a
reasonable price. The good news is the MALTMILL is here to stay, the bad
news is the price will go up. Not quite sure how much but I will hold the
price till May.


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