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From: (Eric Pepke)
Subject: Re: Raspberry Ale
Date: 1992-04-03 15:12:52 GMT

Anthony Rossini asks about raspberry ale and proposes this recipe:

5 lbs amber malt syrup
1-2 pkgs frozen raspberries
2 oz Cascade hops (boiling)
1 oz ?? (finishing)
1/2 lb crystal malt...

It seems to me that the amount of raspberries is much too small. I find
that, when making raspberry wheat beers, you need to add at least the
equivalent of four pounds of fresh raspberries to get a slight raspberry
aroma and need to add something like six to eight pounds to get any real
raspberry flavor. That's without much hops to compete with.

In re. pectin, a more important reason not to add the raspberries to the
hot wort is that the heat tends to extract bitterness from the seeds. I
always put the raspberry pulp in at the secondary fermentation. Even then
you do get some bitterness from the seeds.

The other thing is that my raspberry beers have all REALLY REALLY benefited
from cold conditioning for a period of time. Some bottles I even stuck in
the freezer and let become slushy!

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