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From: (Sterling Udell)
Subject: AHA Conference Get-together, thermo/hydrometers
Date: 1992-04-03 18:41:07 GMT

I think getting the HBD attendees together during the AHA conference
in June is a great idea. The first place that comes to mind is the
Water Street Brewery, Milwaukee's only brewpub (to the best of my
knowledge). That might be pretty crowded the days of the conference,
though. Another possibility might be a bar called Zirkrone's (sp?),
on the south side - it's a very German place, with an excellent
selection of bottled beers and a copy of the Reinheitsgebot posted on
the wall. Obviously, there are other bars in the city that would be
enjoyable for homebrewers as well.

There is some appeal to finding a non-bar location as well, but that
would probably depend on a local voulnteering his domicile. Any
Milwaukee residents on the digest here? Whaddaya think?

Also, a quick followup to the thermo/hydrometer thread . . . Some
respondents have pointed out that the temperature range for aquariums
is not the same as that for brewing, and hence the thermo/hydrometer
would not be terribly useful. I maintain that the temperatures where
I care about a hydrometer reading (in the 60-80 degF range) would
probably be covered by the thermometer, so I think one of these might
be convenient anyway. If I buy one, I'll give a report on its use.
I've never seen them in the Crosby & Baker catalog, though.

(who used to live near Milwaukee, and is returning for the conference)
- --
Sterling Udell (, sterling@gandalf.bitnet)
Big Dog Brewing Cooperative - Eastern Division
"Carpe Pisces!"
-David Smith

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