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Subject: Mead advice (sought)
Date: 1992-04-03 20:26:12 GMT

Dear HBD Brewers,

After a dozen extract-based batches of various beer styles, I find myself
tempted to try my hand at mead making. Rather than being straightforward about
it and making a 5 gallon batch, I would like to split the batch after primary
fermentation into a mead, a metheglin, and a fruit mead (hyppocras?).

My hope/plan is to begin a 5 gallon batch of mead, perform primary fermentation
in a carboy, and then rack into gallon bottles containing appropriate infusions
of herbs and/or pasteurized fruit for secondary fermentation.

I've read a couple of articles on mead making in Zymurgy and TCJOHB and another
small book on mead. But I still have several questions for this august group.

1) Are there pitfalls (other than sanitation) associated with adding
fermentables (in the fruit case) at the time I rack to the secondary fermenter?

2) Any suggestions on herbs or spices (and appropriate quantities)
that may make for an interesting metheglin? Should I prepare an infusion (like
making tea) or use a dry-hopping approach?

3) What are recommended types of yeast for mead making? Any tips on
adjusting the amount of honey (to achieve a medium sweetness) when using
champagne vs. ale (or other) yeast?

4) Am I totally crazy with this batch-splitting plan?

Any and all enlightenment will be greatly appreciated.

Yours in brewing,
Scott Barrett

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