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From: willa@hpvclwa
Subject: Lager ferment temp
Date: 1989-09-18 16:29:54 GMT

>I made a batch of Steam Beer that called for a lager yeast (I used WYeast 2007)
>fermented at 50 - 55 degrees. I did this and it fermented well for 2 weeks
>and then stopped. I aged it for the recommended 2 weeks and removed it from
>the fridge for bottling. As it warmed to room temperature, it began to ferment
>again. I returned it to the fridge and it stopped. Now, I don't think it is
>infected, but why would a lager yeast prefer this warmer temperature. Should
>I bottle it and keep the bottles refrigerated. I haven't taken a sample yet.
>Any ideas are welcome.
>Mark Nevar


I recently made a steam bear with a WYeast lager yeast (I don't remember the
number, but could look it up). I too fermented at 50-55 degrees. All
visible activity seemed to have stopped within about 10 days. I let it sit
two weeks, racked to a secondary, dry hopped, and let it sit another 5 weeks
at the same temp. My brew was just extract, hops, water and yeast. It came
out very "dry" (seems to have replaced "lite" in beer-marketing-speak). I
expect your fermentation was complete on schedule. See the other articles on
CO2 capacity of liquids vs. temperature.

. .Will Allen

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