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From: Eric Mintz <ericm@bach.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM>
Subject: Liquid Yeast Question
Date: 1992-04-03 22:05:49 GMT

Steve Altimari writes:

> I activated a Wyeast liquid yeast package on Sunday night. I was
> planning to do a partial mash Pale Ale Monday night. The yeast
> package was just barely starting to expand so I decided to wait
> another day. On Tuesday morning the package was definately expanding
> and as fate has it I was unable to brew Tuesday night. It is now
> Wed. morning and the package is seriously expanded and looks like it
> might explode.

Steve, I had a package of yeast expand so tight that I thought it would
explode. I sterilized a needle over a flame and made a tiny prick at
the top of the yeast package. I stored the package in the frige so that
nothing came in contact with the perforation. I used the yeast (the
same day) and saw no sign of infection.

- --Eric

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