From the HBD Archive
From: Alan Mayman <>
Subject: Mead & Honey Beers
Date: 1992-04-06 15:46:42 GMT

Greetings All,

I read an interesting tidbit in the local paper over the weekend I thought I
would share. Honey is actually bee vomit! They munch on some pollen, tool on
over to the hive and regurgitate accordingly. Isnt that a hoot.

The astute reader might be asking, "Well, why exactly are you telling us this
Alan?" to which I can reply that knowledge for it's own sake is a good thing!

And just think, next time someone is mooching too many of your favorite tupelo
honey ales, just hold your glass up to the light and say, "You know, that
fermented bee vomit is particularly toothsome", it might just help.

:) Alan (:

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