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From: Mark J. Easter <>
Subject: Raspberry beer, plus 'Beer King' article
Date: 1992-04-06 15:30:02 GMT

I've been interested in making a raspberry beer as well, but
was thinking about substituting a couple of cans of frozen
concentrated raspberry juice rather than the 6-8 lbs of fruit
that most recipes call for. Has anybody tried it? Several
companies market the stuff, most prominantly Welch's. After
checking out the prices for frozen raspberries, this seemed to
offer a good cost savings.

And now for something completely different...pardon me if
this has already been posted however I read an interesting
article in "Outside" magazine (April, 1992) about Alan Eames
(a.k.a. the beer king) and his travels around the world
investigating indigenous beer styles. It is pretty interesting
and fairly well written although they make a few technical boo-
boo's (such as describing beer made of "roasted hops and


Mark Easter

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