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From: Dances with Workstations <buchman@marva1.ENET.DEC.COM>
Subject: Grain disposal
Date: 1992-04-06 17:52:30 GMT

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 92 14:39:57 MST
From: Eric Mintz <ericm@bach.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM>
Subject: spent grain disposal

Eric Mintz asks:

> I haven't had the huevos to try this myself yet but... has anyone dumped
> their spent grains in a kitchen sink garbage disposal?

Dumping spent grains (or anything organic for that matter) down the disposal
is ecologically unsound if your waste water ends up in body of water which
is not in the best of health (in my case, the Chesapeake Bay). What happens
is that the waste that gets into the water introduces an overabundance of
nutrients. That might not sound so bad, but the nutrients are ground so fine
that they are usable only by microscopic organisms, which reproduce more than
they should and leech out much of the dissolved oxygen in the water. Big
critters like fish, oysters, and crabs suffer as a result.

Besides, you don't really feel like forcing ten pounds of grain into such
a small opening, do you? Sounds messier than bags.

> Any other
> creative ways to dump spent grains without a mess?

I compost my excess grains and/or mulch with them; it works well, but
not everybody has a backyard to use for this. A very "creative" idea
for getting rid of the grains was suggested by Jack S. and others:
make beer bread! There was a thread on that topic recently;
Jack can probably give you details.
Good luck,
Jim Buchman

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