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From: ix!roman@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Roman)
Subject: Mead making
Date: 1992-04-06 17:54:04 GMT

Scott.Barrett writes:

>After a dozen extract-based batches of various beer styles, I find myself
>tempted to try my hand at mead making. Rather than being straightforward about
>it and making a 5 gallon batch, I would like to split the batch after primary
>fermentation into a mead, a metheglin, and a fruit mead (hyppocras?).
Although I'm far from a mead making expert, I do have a couple of
batches under my belt and I did what you propose to do with my first
batch. I make examples of sparkling, still, metheglin, etc. and all
> 1) Are there pitfalls (other than sanitation) associated with adding
>fermentables (in the fruit case) at the time I rack to the secondary fermenter?
No, I did not have any problems at all.

> 2) Any suggestions on herbs or spices (and appropriate quantities)
>that may make for an interesting metheglin? Should I prepare an infusion (like
>making tea) or use a dry-hopping approach?
I used cranberries and really liked the results alot. Also tried hops
and misc. spices and was not too thrilled with that (but that's me). My
preference is to sparkling fruit meads.

> 3) What are recommended types of yeast for mead making? Any tips on
>adjusting the amount of honey (to achieve a medium sweetness) when using
>champagne vs. ale (or other) yeast?
Stick with champagne to start with. You'd need a good ale yeast to
expect it to tolerate the alcohol levels that mead is supposed to have
(if you go by classic definitions). I guess it would not be mead then
but I don't know what you would call it (mead cooler?). Off track but
isn't beer with the alcohol removed just a malt beverage and no longer
beer? How are companies advertising their non-alcoholic brews?

> 4) Am I totally crazy with this batch-splitting plan?
*I* don't think you are, but maybe I'm crazy! :-)
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