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From: (The Rider)
Subject: Re: Negative Pressurein the Blow Off
Date: 1992-04-06 21:33:53 GMT


1) Will the small amount of HCl-ated water that was sucked into the
wort do any damage?

Eh, how much bleach did you have in that water? If it was a normal
disinfecting strength solution you've got nothing to worry about...

2) Will the exposure to the air (when I switched from the blowoff
tube to the lock) effect the wort?

Not at all.

3) Is there now a possibility that, having replaced the blowoff
with a lock, any further fluxuation in temperature/pressure will
suck in (contaminating) air through the lock?

If you're very worried about that, or if you have large temperature
fluctuations, put Vodka or better yet grain alcohol into the air lock. If
it gets sucked in, you get a bit of extra kick in the beer. *grin* But, I
don't really think it's a good idea to keep the stuff where the temp.
fluctuates too much. I've no idea what max/min temps you're talking about,
but beware that ale yeast goes to sleep around 60-65F, and at 80F you're
making fruit punch and not beer any more. I suggest a nice insulation wrap,
cut off jacket for a water heater works great and is cheap.


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Michael Fetzer
Internet: uucp: ...!ucsd!mfetzer

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