From the HBD Archive
Subject: Digest Indices
Date: 1989-09-19 16:48:00 GMT

Sorry about cluttering up the digests with the indices (OK, table of contents
summaries) but I thought that they were useful. The concensus that I get from
the digest messages and personal ones, is that most people would like them
sent as separate messages. I am underprivleged and not on a UNIX system, so I
can't do some of the fancy search utilities. I also store my digests in
compressed archive format and have to uncompress them if I want to look at
one. If I have an idea which one to get, it takes less time. As far as the
subjects go, I mentioned in my initial posting that I have not done any
editing of the subject lines. The ones for September have been edited, but
the other 10 months would take too long to go through. I am editing them as I
reeive them so it iis easier now.

I have sent all the indices that I have so far, to the homebrew archives at for those that want to get them. I can also arrange with
Rob to have them sent out in a mass mailing if that would be ok with everyone
else. There are 6 more left (Nov88-May89 except Feb89) to send.


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