From the HBD Archive
From: Chris Quint <>
Subject: Hey Darryl - Lager question.
Date: 1992-04-07 18:12:09 GMT

Hey Darryl,

I read your interesting post on Lager beers and it seems to make sense,
but I'm puzzled by one thing. You said Lagering provided a way to produce
beers in the warm summer months. But I thought Lagers fermented at
temperatures COLDER than normal - thats why people make Lagers in their
refridgerators. Am I mistaken? Or did you mean that in the summer the
beer WAS made in an icehouse or something? Along those same lines, I
thought a Steam beer was a Lager made at Ale temperatures (i.e. normal
San Franciso temperatures - especially in the summer!). And how could
SF's temp.s be warmer than anyone else's unless it was someone else's


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