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From: (Dave Wiley)
Subject: Re: Mail order prices
Date: 1992-04-07 18:54:56 GMT

> Here is a price selection from the homebrew suppliers I have
> catalogs for. Some of the catalogs are from last year, so
> prices may have changed. Most of these places are on the
> West coast.

Thanks for posting the list! I did a similar (although not so thorough)
comparison last fall (and didn't post results :-(). What I found, is
that for items like bulk grain and bulk DME, the shipping cost becomes a
significant portion of the final bill. As a result, I went looking for
the closest supplier rather than the cheapest. The Brewhaus in
Knoxville, Tennessee did well for me on both counts. Bulk pale malt
from Great Western Malting costs about $1.00 per # by the time it gets
to my door, whereas pale malt from the Brewhaus ($35 for 55lb) costs
about $0.82. For hops shipping costs probably aren't that big a deal.

It's just something to consider.

> Also, buying in bulk will lower these prices.

I've noticed that the people who have the best prices for bulk don't
have the best prices for small quantities (sometimes not even close)
and the reverse.

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