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From: Malt-Fermenter Gelly <GELLY@VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU>
Subject: Mystery Chunks...
Date: 1992-04-08 00:40:00 GMT

Greetings, All!

This is my first submission to the digest. I have been brewing for 3 - 4
months now, with 6 batches under my belt ( not literally :-> ). My recipes so
far have been extract, and up until recently have been fairly "purist" and
have not used corn sugar in the recipes, only malt extract for the fermantable
sugar (I did use honey once). I only use corn sugar for bottling.

My question/problem is this. I recently made a batch with corn sugar as one of
the ingredients, but it accounted for only about 15% of the fermentables.
I boiled it with the rest of the wort for an hour, then tossed it into the
carboy. When it was cool enough, I pitched.
The next morning, There were big whitish chunks floating on the top, and
suspended throughout the liquid. This did not appear to be trub, as I saw
that settle out before I went to bed. This looked nothing like anything
I had ever seen in the carboy. The fermentation also had not started yet, and
was about 12 hours behind schedule (based on all previous fermentations).

Was this the corn sugar coagulating out, perhaps? Or might it have been the
yeast? (it was rehydrated Edme, what I've always used)

Any thoughts or enlightenments would be appreciated. See you in Milwaukee!

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Mitch Gelly --

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