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Subject: Wyeast Belgian (first batch)
Date: 1992-04-08 11:21:29 GMT

I bottled my first batch of ale using the Wyeast Belgian last night.
I used my generic 6.6 lbs of amber malt extract recipe, just to get a
bracket on where the beasties would take the sugar. When I opened the carboy
for syphoning, a wonderful aroma filled the basement. After bottling, I took
a taste from the bottom of the pickle bucket I use as a bottler and was again
impressed. I got kind of a liquorice/herbal taste with a Styrian goldings
note. I'm not sure what to expect from this yeast but I like how it's be-
having so far.
My next batch will have much more malt in it.
(An observation: Jack S. seems to put his 2 cents (and more) into any
group he gets involved with. For thoes of you with usenet access, he holds
forth quite prominently on misc.headlines) *NOT A FLAME*
Mas tarde,

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