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Subject: Red Hickory Lager
Date: 1992-04-08 12:46:46 GMT

Red Hickory Lager (Ingredients for 5 gallons)

1 Can (3.3 lbs) Munton & Fison Amber malt extract
1 Can (3.3 lbs) Munton & Fison Light malt extract

1 oz Saaz hops (boil - 60 minutes)

2-3 pinches Irish moss

1 oz Bullion pellets (Boil - 1 minute)
1 oz Fuggles hops (boil - 1 minute)
1 oz Willamette (boil - 1 minute)

Whitbread lager yeast

3/4 cup corn sugar to prime

I made this batch after taking quite a while brewing a wheat beer. I
pulled a couple of bags of hops out of my freezer, grabbed two cans of
malt, and threw together a quick-n-easy brew. The Bullion, Fuggles,
and Willamette all smelled so good, I couldn't decide between them, and
figured since they were only going in for a minute, why not try all
three! Well, it turned out so good, I'll be making quite a bit more!

I'll probably try this as an ale next. It was quite clean as a lager,
though with a good hoppy aroma (not too much hops flavor...). Might
try Whitbread ale yeast, or a clean-finishing Wyeast with some fruit
subtleties. Also, might boil some of the finishing hops a bit longer
to try to get some hops flavor. Good quenching Summer beer!

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