From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Hunter monitor vs Honeywell thermostat
Date: 1989-09-19 21:30:47 GMT

From: Crawford.WBST129@Xerox.COM (Greg Crawford)

>Thanks to ERIK A. HENCHAL for recommending the Hunter Energy Monitor. I
>bought mine this weekend and it is exactly what I need. I just got my Fall
>issue of Zymurgy and they include an article on how to install a thermostat
>in a fridge. The only problem is that their method uses a $45 honeywell
>unit (my Hunter cost $39.95) and it is more work to install.

For those that haven't seen the "Zymurgy" article, it should be pointed
out that the Honeywell is just a thermostat. It doesn't have a built in
remote thermometer with LCD readout, battery protected clock, etc.
The only thing the Honeywell unit has that I wish the Hunter had is an
adjustable "span". I know I've probably used the wrong term. What I mean
is a way of saying "turn on X degrees above and turn off Y degrees below
the set point".
Also, "more work to install" is an understatement. I'd count in at least
a few hassle equivalent dollars to the real cost of the Honeywell unit for
a more fair comparison.


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