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Subject: Makkoli/South Korea
Date: 1992-04-09 15:22:52 GMT

Fellow Brewers,

'Makkoli', boy does that word take me back. I had the pleasure of
being stationed in the Republic of South Korea for a year while I
was in the Army (85').

I tried Makkoli -ONCE- and my recollections are as follows. It was
VERY milky in apearance and texture, I remember thinking it was a
rice based beverage because I seem to recall grains of rice
floating around in the stuff (I saw lots of rice patties, no
barley fields). It had a very high alcohol content and the men
folk used to drink it like water (read: Makkoli is to Koreans what
beer is to Americans -- personal observation). I am sure like
many things in the ROK, this drink is very regional i.e. it may
be made different in various parts of the country. I did not
like the stuff very much, but of course that is my opinion
(I remember thinking it was like curdled milk with a kick).
Yes, my one taste left me with this much of an impression.

The ROK does have its own brands of beer O.B (Oriental Brewery)
and CROWN. Both lagers, BudMichMiller taste alikes (more hops
maybe). They also (O.B.) brew(ed) Heineken under contract/license.
I have seen O.B. beer on the left coast but not here on the
right, although, I bet there is a specialty store in NYC
that carries it.

The really good indigenous drink is called SOJU, but this is a
distilled liquer, a really potent knock you on your as* beverage.
I remember the true native made type you had to blow the
formaldehyde off the top before you could drink it.

Well this turned into quite a lengthy post, so enough for now.
Su ga sayo (phonetic spelling of see you later in Hongul(Korean))

-Joel McCamley "Constantly Relaxing, Not Worrying and
Having a Homebrew!"

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