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From: (Douglas DeMers)
Subject: BRFWARE.EXE in the archives at
Date: 1992-04-09 17:19:00 GMT

Just a note to let you all know that Chris Campanelli's shareware
program entitled Beer Recipe Formulator (BRF), which runs on
DOS-compatible PCs, is now available in the archives in Miami. For
those who missed it, the availability of this shareware program was
announced about a month ago. Please send e-mail regarding BRF directly
to the author:

Anonymous ftp access is to:

It's in the homebrew directory:

-rw-r--r-- 1 288 system 76912 Apr 1 13:53 brfware.exe
-rw-r--r-- 1 288 system 106000 Apr 1 13:54 brfware.exe.UUE

brfware.exe is a self-extracting zip file (make sure you set BINARY
mode in your ftp transfer!); brfware.exe.UUE is a uuencoded version of
brfware.exe. Sorry, I didn't shar it for e-mailing - I haven't figured
out how to do that yet...

Thanks to Chris for providing this program, and many, many thanks(!!!)
to the archives administrator for providing
this useful service to the homebrewing community!
Douglas DeMers, | (408-746-8546) |
Amdahl Corporation | | {sun,uunet}!amdahl!dougd
[It should be obvious that the opinions above are mine, not Amdahl's.]

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