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From: (Douglas DeMers)
Subject: Is the HBD reflected into rec.crafts.brewing experiment over?
Date: 1992-04-09 17:32:00 GMT

For a while, HBD was automatically being posted into rec.crafts.brewing.
At my site, I've missed the last week or more of HBD in r.c.b. I far
prefer to read HBD in r.c.b and would gladly unsubscribe to HBD if the
HBD always made it into r.c.b in a timely manner. I think it was A.E.
Mossberg ( who was doing the cross-connect as an

Is the experiment over? Is the cross-posting going to continue? If so,
who is going to do it?

Once again, many, many thanks to - the archives
administrator - for providing the archives for the homebrewing
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Amdahl Corporation | | {sun,uunet}!amdahl!dougd
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