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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: reuse yeast
Date: 1992-04-09 17:44:40 GMT

I couldn't get this through directly to the person who wanted it, so
here it is, shortened.

I get 2 batches out of each package of Wyeast. For the first one,
I make a starter and use that. When the first batch is ready for transfer
to the secondary carboy (usually the next weekend), I brew another batch.
When the 2nd batch is cool and ready to be yeasted, I rack the first
batch into the seconday, and rack the second batch directly onto the slurry
from the first batch. It usually starts fermenting in 2 hours! and finishes
in a couple of days.
You can do this for many batches, but since I do all-grain, I don't mind
spending the $4 for 2 batches worth of yeast I can count on to treat my
wort nicely. 10 gallons of beer also lasts me a while ;-)
You can also pitch onto the slurry from the secondary. This can be a
better approach if the primary is longer than a week, as the trub and
dead yeast in the primary slurry can start to impart off flavors after
that time. There is less slurry in the secondary, however, so you may
not get the 2 hour starting time. Also, as racking to secondary is
another place for bacteria, etc. to get introduced into the beer, the
secondary slurry may not be as "clean" as the primary.


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