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From: ingr!b11!maven!
Subject: Meeting Suggestions
Date: 1989-09-14 22:19:23 GMT

We have a small homebrew club here that meets informally every month or so.
Lately we have been wondering how other clubs manage their meetings.
Here, everyone brings some homebrew, say a six-pack and then we evaluate
it. The problem is, if you have fifteen guys bringing at least one
(in some cases four or five) different beers then you soon wind up
out of time and overwhelmed with too many beers to safely taste and
drive home in the same evening.

We usually start with the light beers and progressively get darker. There
is always a commercial mystery beer which everyone tastes and tries to
guess. Munchies are also provided.

So how do other clubs handle meetings? Thanks.
Dave Bradford ...uunet!ingr!b11!maven!dave (UUCP)
b11!maven! (Internet)

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