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From: (Jeff Frane)
Subject: Wow! A Lot on Mead!
Date: 1992-04-09 18:04:32 GMT

The most recent Homebrew Digest had a LOT about mead. If there's this
much interest perhaps someone could take the effort to put together a
mead digest (isn't there already a cider digest?). Generally speaking,
I think this digest ought to be reserved for discussion of brewing --
you know, making beer?

As far as definitions (and someone asked about tea), Webster's offers an
explanation: 1: to prepare (as beer or ale) by steeping, boiling, and
fermentation or by infusion and fermentation 2 a: to bring about :
FOMENT b: CONTRIVE, PLOT 3: to prepare by infusion in hot water

I thought the recent comments about "real" brewing were quite cogent. As
a judge, for example, I've tasted some extraordinarily good beers that
were brewed from extracts/grains and some piss-poor ones brewed from
all-grain. I remain, frankly, more impressed by people who are able to
brew exceptional beers from an extract base than those doing good or
mediocre beers from whole grains. What you get out of beer is what you
put in _of yourself_, the gift of the craftsman. Science without art is
sterile (and not in the sense of clean, but barren).

- --Jeff Frane

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