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From: (Tony Babinec)
Subject: kudos to HBD appends/burners
Date: 1992-04-10 14:31:19 GMT

Recent postings on mead, yeast technology, Wisconsin breweries, and
recipes have all been great!

Paul Sherrill asks about burners. Alternative Beverage of Charlotte,
North Carolina, carries a propane cooker with baffle. Full tilt, it
produces 125K BTUs of heat. It'll bring the collected sparged wort to
a boil in 10 minutes, at which point you have to turn it down to control
the boil. But, talk about getting a rolling boil! The cooker includes
6 feet of gas hose and a high pressure regulator and needle valve. The
list price in the current catalog is $59.95, and shipping weight is
13 pounds. You'll also need a propane tank, like you see in people's
back yards or on their campers. Tanks go for $20-30. Propane refills
cost around $7-8, and last for numbers of boils. ABs phone number is
1-800-365-BREW. For safety, among other reasons, I recommend using
this setup outdoors.

I've noticed that Service Merchandise carries "back yard" propane
gas grills. One of the least pricy ones had 4 legs and stood like a
table, and was priced around $80.

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