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From: matth@bedford.progress.COM
Subject: Disposing of 10 pounds of spent grain
Date: 1992-04-10 13:58:53 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #861 Jask S. States:

In the interests of insulting no one in particular, I have eliminated citing
the source of this particular insanity. HOWEVER, the idea of dumping 10
pounds of spent grain into a garbage disposal is an act of personal
irresponsibility that staggers me. I find it hard to put my outrage into
words. Instead of just being outraged, let me suggest a few alternatives.

Put it in your garbage can.

Find a friend with a garden.

Find an empty lot.

Make lots of beer bread.

Go back to extract brewing.

I'd like to make a personal observation here

While putting the garins into the disposal might seem like a bad idea, in
*most* places it's not a bad idea. The drain pipe from the sink goes to the
same place as the rest of the house, meaning a treatment plant. It's far better
for the environment (since that appears to be the issue here) to have it go
there than to:

1) Put it in a garbage can
Where it will most likely end up in a landfill where it could take years to
decompose. Going through the treatment plant will take days, not years.

2) Find a friend with a garden.
I like this idea, but 10 pounds is an awful lot when you consider that it
should be mixed with other stuff (grass cuttings, peat moss)... You get
a fairly large pile. But, This is *my* favorite anyway. Composting

3) Find an empty lot.
I'm going to just pretend this isn't on the list

4) Make lots of beer bread.
A good idea for some, but not for others.

5) Go back to extract brewing.
But is this *reallY* brewing? !-) !-) !-) !-)


Matthew J. Harper ! Progress Software Corp. ! {disclaimer.i}
God created heaven and earth to grow barley and hops. Now he homebrews !-)

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