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From: (chris campanelli)
Subject: outdoor burners
Date: 1992-04-10 14:32:00 GMT

I'm aware of three types of portable propane burners currently on
the market, although I'm sure there are more:

Metal Fusion, Inc.
623 Maria St.
Kenner, LA 70062
(504) 469-6431

- This company makes a burner that is best described as a rocked
engine in disquise. It is a 125,000 BTU monster that I once saw bring 6
gallons of wort to a boil in under 10 minutes! I have seen this burner
listed in Alternative Beverage's (of North Carolina) catalog for $59.95.
Their price includes a regulator with a six foot hose. This burner was
also the subject of the product review article in the Zymurgy Summer 1991
issue and appears on the cover of same.

Superb Gas Products Co.
423 S. Church St.
PO Box 99
Belleville, IL 62222
(618) 234-6169

- This company makes a wide variety of outdoor burners and cookers.
I have purchased two burners from them. The burners in question are
Model 16-20E. This type is 35,000 BTU and they sell for $59.95. The
price includes a regulator with a four foot hose and shipping & handling.
They mail free brochures.

Great Fermentations of Santa Rosa
PO Box 428
Fulton, CA 95439

- This homebrewing supply store does not make burners but sells a
31,000 BTU burner. The burner is pictured in their catalog and sells for
$64.95. The price includes a regulator with a five foot hose. They mail
free catalogs as well.

With all types listed above, you will need a fuel source. Some
people like to tap into their existing natural gas line, others prefer
the "Weber Grill" type of tanks. I will not get into the pros or cons of
which is better. Ask around and judge for yourself. I will say that the
tanks can be purchased at places like Sears, Kmart, etc. for around

I have been using my burners in the basement without any problems
regarding fumes or vapors. As my house is rather old and drafty, this
may or may not be the reason. I will point out that water vapor will be
a BIG problem and the resulting condensation on the walls, doors, floors
and windows gets to be a real mop up job.

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