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From: Michael.Burgeson@Eng.Sun.COM (J. Michael Burgeson)
Subject: grain mill
Date: 1992-04-10 18:37:39 GMT

I just received my Marcato grain mill, and thought I would review
it for the HBD.

First a description: The mill is about 8" high, and 7" wide. It has
3 rollers arranged in an inverted triangle. The rollers are about
1" in diameter, and have diagonal grooves from grabbing the grain.
There is an adjustment knob on one side which moves one of the top
rollers (roller "B" in picture) in a circular pattern, which allows
semi-independent adjustment of the distance from the other two rollers.
The unit comes with a hand crank, a small hopper, and a catching

_ _
' ` ' `
/ --> \ / <-- \
| . | | 0 |

\ / \ /
` . _ . ' ` . _ . '
' `
/ --> \
| . |

\ /
` . _ . '

For making flour, "B" is moved close to "C", and far from "A"; "AB" will
crack the grain, and "BC" will grind it to flour. For our purposes,
"B" is moved far from both "A" and "C"; "AB" will crack the grain, and
"BC" will do nothing.

I ran some Munich malt through the Marcato, and compared the results
to malt crushed with Jack's MALTMILL, and the Corona mill. Crush and
throughput on a scale of 1-10. All comments are IMHBBHO (in my highly
biased but humble opinion).

Marcato: The malt looked "squished", with very few small husk particles.
Left no uncrushed grains.
Overall, a very good crush: 8.
Throughput: 4.
Disadvantages: Hopper is too small. Kinda slow.
Disclaimer: Did not test with electric motor, or high RPM.

MALTMILL: The crush was mostly half-husks with some grain appearing intact,
but they would crumble between your fingers.
A very good crush: 9.
Throughput (with 1/2" electric drill): 8.
Disadvantages: Did not hold up under excessive RPM. Adjustment
of roller distance is only at one end.

Corona: Lots of small husk particles. Powdered husk material. Lots
(~10%) grain uncrushed.
OK crush: 5.
Throughput: 2.
Disadvantages: Too many small husk particles. Too slow.

Now the important part; The Marcato Grain Mill cost me $73.50. I ordered
it through a local (Redwood City, CA) kitchen supply warehouse (look in
the yellow pages under "Cooking Utensils").

IMHBBHO, I consider the Marcato mill an excellent alternative to the
MALTMILL, as long as you are not overly concerned with throughput. I
am very impressed with the crush, and the price isn't too bad.

I am not associated with any of the products mentioned in this article
in any way, except for being a satisfied owner of a Marcato grain mill.

Michael Burgeson

____/ __ _ / _ _ /
/ / _/ / / _/ /
______/ _/ _/ _/ _/

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