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From: Jacob Galley <>
Subject: Re: Reusing Yeast
Date: 1992-04-10 18:17:26 GMT

Davis McPherson wonders:

> i interesting in learning about reusing yeast now that i'm brewing
> with liquid yeast...i have heard that its possible to rack a new
> batch of wort onto the yeast cake from a previous batch...anyone
> with information on procedures for doing this please e-mail...

I have recently been reading over Father Barleywine's posts from last
September, where I believe he introduces the "yeast cake" concept.
(He does however cite his earlier posts during a spat circa HBD 600,
which I have not had time to sift through yet.) I just want to get
something straight: the term "cake" brings to mind a rather dry, hard
object. I am just assuming that this is not a state which I want to
preserve yeast in. The Father is simply talking about reusing
(uncaked) slurry, which has lots of live yeast in it -- isn't he?

As for Davis's specific question, the method Father Barleywine preaches
is to start your next batch as soon as you bottle the last one,
without removing the slurry [my interpretation, see above] or cleaning
the carboy at all. This way, you keep lots of the yeast from the last
batch, and if you're really quick, you can start your next batch
before hoards of nasty infections plague your ferementing container.


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