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From: Rob Nelson <>
Subject: I'm Dirt!
Date: 1992-04-11 16:29:19 GMT

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was able to jam 10 lbs of spent grain
down the garbage disposal. This brought about some discussion about the
environmental soundness of this practice. I checked with our local sewage
treatment plant and was saddened to learn that my practice of flushing 50
pounds a month was responsible for the extinction of the Pacific Sockeye
Salmon run. Additionally, several of the local dairies have reported three
headed calves. Elementary IQ test averages have dropped to 41. Acid rain
has been reported in the Cascades. I'M DIRT! I DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!

Seriously, I deeply and sincerely thank those who straightend me out. My
spent grains will now be adding dietary fiber to some local hogs.

On the subject of REAL HOMEBREWING, let me add my own $0,000.02. I've
developed a system that has won many regional contests that involves neither
extract or mashing. The tools are ammonia, a bottle capper and a magic
marker. I soak some fine commercial beer bottles in an ammonia solution,
scrape off the label, re-cap the bottle with a generic cap and write a
cryptic code on the cap. I'm improving the technique by super-chilling
those beers that come in easily recognized bottles so that I may decant them
into standard long necks. I sent a McEwans, an Anchor Steam, a Budweiser
and a Sierra Nevada Stout to the AHA nationals this year. I'll see you in
the winner's circle.

Rob Nelson, Seattle Brews Brothers.

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