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Subject: Stuck (no start) fermentation
Date: 1992-04-13 16:08:00 GMT

Dear Homebrewers,

First of all, thanks to all for their experience and advise regarding
my latest batch of "Propensity Lager." I bottled the batch last Thurs.
and all went relatively well. Many suggested that, because I was using
honey (as called for in the recipe) I might wait the full 2 weeks before
bottling, if not a little longer. But I just couldn't wait, so I
bottled... And, to make a long story short, my impatience got the best
of me again on Sunday and I snuck a peek! Peoples, let me tell y'all
it was great! Beautiful, even! The head was delicate and golden, with
persistant retention. Yes it was a bit premature and not quite cleared,
but if what I tasted was any indication greater things to come... Well,
sufice to say I may never buy commercial beer again... Well, OK, maybe
a rare import now and again... Once or twice a week... Three times at
most... on the weekends... or on an odd Thursday... But never at dusk!

Anyway, onto the subject at hand.

I brewed up another batch the day after bottling the Lager (Hey! I don't
want to be caught empty handed). I forgot to bring in the recipe, but
it's something like this:
1 lb pale malt extract (dry)
1 lb corn sugar
2 oz freshly grated ginger root
1 oz spruce essence (approx.)
1 Tbs lemon juice
1/4 oz Tett. hops (boil) (they were leftovers)
1/4 oz Tett. hops (finishing)
I boiled first three ingredients with Tett hops for 1/2 hour, added the
spruce, lemon, and finishing hops for the last 2 mins. Cooled and then
strained into carboy and pitched 1 pkg dry Doric Lager yeast. Oh, yeah,
the total volumn of this brew is approx. 2 1/2 gals., and it's been
sitting in my pantry since Friday. And, herein lies the problem: it's
just sitting there! There's been NO activity whatsoever - no kreausen,
no bubbles through the lock... All's quiet on the yeastern front, so to
speak. Well, almost. This morning (Mon.) there was slooowww activity
through the lock, but no Kreausen forming, nor bubbles in the wort.

Now, when I pitched, I had just cooled the wort, and strained it into
the carboy. There was a LOT of splashing, and a subsequent foam at the
surface. I pitched on top of the foam, then carefully swirrled the brew
to distribute the yeast, but I think this is where the problem is. Also
the temperature's been a constant 65 F, and I've sinse *gently* agitated
the wort a few times to wake up the yeast. This seemed to work, if the
activity this morning (if it can be called this) is any indication.

So, knowledgible illuminati, PLEASE help!! I'm as stuck for direction
as my fermentation is. Plus, it's going on three days, with only
MINIMAL fermentation. As time is of the essence, please e-mail me
directly, or even call me at home {(312) 275-5929}; I'm nearing panic!
(Then again, maybe it's time for another sneak preview of the Propensity
Lager and not worry :-) )



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