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From: "DRCV06::GRAHAM" <>
Subject: Kegging the inexpensive way.
Date: 1992-04-13 16:34:00 GMT

I just got my catalog from St. Patrick's of Texas and saw their kegging
system was only $155. I called to make sure it wasn't a misprint and
found out that not only was it correct, but If I would settle for a
reconditioned regulator, it was only $140!

This is outrageous. I'm saying goodbye to my bottles, right now! (Anyone
want six dozen Grolsch bottles, not quite free?)

I notice St. Patrick's other prices are very good, too. This one, however,
was too good not to share. They're at 512 532-9045.

I'm not going to join the stampede to make sure you realize I'm not
connected with them. It doesn't make any difference. The deal is real and
mentioning is of benefit to all. So what if I get $175 for each system
they sell. [grin]


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