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From: "Ken Schriner" <>
Subject: Boulevard Beer
Date: 1992-04-13 20:37:52 GMT

I spent Friday in Kansas City, Kansas. I had visited boulevard
brewery several years ago when the only beer they made was the pale
ale, and only in kegs. They are now up to at least four different
types. (That's how many the liquor store I was in had.) I of course
bought a six pack of each. For the low price of $5.79 a six pack.

The six packs were actually little boxes that completely enclosed the
six dark brown bottles. They are using screwtop caps. Boxes to keep
out the light, brown bottles for the same, screwtop caps. Are they
trying to make me like this beer before I even open it?

Pale Ale. Just like I remember it. A little fruity. Three types of
hops. Cascade for aroma. Can't remember the other two. Good
maltiness and good mouth feel. Was great with shrimp. Dark golden
color. Very nice.

Irish Ale. Fruitier. Tangier. Darker (a little.) It seemed like a
variation of the Pale Ale. I wouldn't give this to non-home brew
friends, its taste is a little farther from their palatte path than
they be willing to accept, or appreciate. Was great after a pale ale.
A little drier than the pale ale.

Wheat Beer. Why does every brewery in Kansas feel compelled to brew
a wheat beer? Unlike Free State Brewing in Lawrence KS., boulevard
brew actually has an enjoyable wheat brew. Very clear, very light.
Less carbonated than either of the ales. The six-box said it is
brewed with 25% soft red winter wheat grown locally. Also mentioned
that it used two types of yeast in the fermenting process. Do they
do things right or what?

Bully Porter. Stupid name, but another great beer. A little light
colored for a porter (I thought). It was light brown to amber in
color. Very smooth. could easily taste the chocolate malt
written about on the six box. The taste was not overpowering though.
Great with a few peanuts. It had a strong enough hop nose to balance
the stronger malt taste. Overall, it was great also.

All of the above are shipped with a label that has Best If Comsumed
By:. The lady at the liquor store said that they wouldn't let them
have the beer past the date either. What a class brewing
establishment. $5.79 a sixer? That seems a ridiculously low price
for such quality beer.

Are there other folks out there from the KC area that have experience
with Boulevard Beer?

Ken Schriner BITNET ks06054@uafsysb
University of Arkansas Internet

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