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Subject: Re: Killer head!
Date: 1992-04-13 19:34:00 GMT

Jake asks about a beer which overcarbonates after a while.

There are three common causes for beer to overcarbonate:

1. bottling too soon,
2. infection, and
3. too much priming sugar.

If the beer is only correctly carbonated during weeks 2, 3 and 4
after bottling, then I suspect either reason #1 or #3. I wait
till my airlock bubbles less than once every 3 minutes before I
bottle. [Note that there are many additional variables such as
stuck fermentation due to big, sudden temparature changes, etc.,
but I won't address them here.] If you are using corn sugar for
priming, you should probably not use more than 1 cup.

If the beer is correctly carbonated two weeks after bottling and
not overcarbonated for three months, but then begins to overcarbonate,
then it's probably reason #2. Reassess all your sanitation.


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