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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Date: 1992-04-14 02:23:00 GMT

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Fm: Jack Schmidling

>From: matth@bedford.progress.COM
>Subject: Disposing of 10 pounds of spent grain

>While putting the garins into the disposal might seem like a bad idea, in
*most* places it's not a bad idea. The drain pipe from the sink goes to the
same place as the rest of the house, meaning a treatment plant. It's far better
for the environment (since that appears to be the issue here) to have it go
there than to:

Keep in mind that treatment plants are just that. They are an effort at
best to remove some of the waste but a good deal still gets through.
Furthermore, they are very expensive to operate and you are asking others to
pay for your irresponsibility.

Finally, in many cities and Chicago in particular, whenever there is a heavy
rainfall, the whole system is bipassed and the garbage disposals go directly
into the river system.

>> 1) Put it in a garbage can

> Where it will most likely end up in a landfill where it could take years
to decompose.

All the landfill does is raise the elevation of the landscape. It does not
matter from a pollution point of view if the grain never decomposes if it is
in a landfill.

>Going through the treatment plant will take days, not years.

That's only because it is a compromise. If it goes through the sewer system,
some of it WILL end un in the water system.

>> 2) Find a friend with a garden.

> I like this idea, but 10 pounds is an awful lot when you consider that
it should be mixed with other stuff (grass cuttings, peat moss)... You get
a fairly large pile.

It does not have to be mixed with anything. If simply dumped on a pile, it
will disappear within a few months in warm weather.

>> 3) Find an empty lot.

> I'm going to just pretend this isn't on the list

Considering #2 above, this is far more benign than the garbage disposal.

>From: Rob Nelson <>

>Seriously, I deeply and sincerely thank those who straightend me out. My
spent grains will now be adding dietary fiber to some local hogs.

I find it most telling, that you, the admitted villian, took the advice in
the proper spirit but the hate mail keeps flooding in from the lurkers.

>I soak some fine commercial beer bottles in an ammonia solution,
scrape off the label, re-cap the bottle with a generic cap and write a
cryptic code on the cap..... I sent a McEwans, an Anchor Steam, a Budweiser
and a Sierra Nevada Stout to the AHA nationals this year. I'll see you in
the winner's circle.

This is quite funny BUT I have often wondered how many people have actually
done just that and won. What is to prevent it?


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