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Subject: Better Late Than Never?
Date: 1992-04-14 14:31:00 GMT

Dear Brewers,

I suppose it's better to learn a lesson later rather than not at all!
The question now is whether or not its's better to have a fermentation
start later than not at all - which is the present case with my latest
batch of spruce / ginger lager:

(From yesterday's post) "... And, herein lies the problem: it's
just sitting there! There's been NO activity whatsoever - no kreausen,
no bubbles through the lock... All's quiet on the yeastern front, so to
speak. Well, almost. This morning (Mon.) there was slooowww activity
through the lock, but no Kreausen forming, nor bubbles in the wort."

I guess I spoke too soon, 'cuz the fermentation was in full swing by
yesterday afternoon! If the lock had a whistle in it, it'd've been
whistling Dixie three octaves too high! The kreausen's risen to about
1 1/2 inch, and all seems to be taking off well enough!

I guess in this field it's more accurate to say that I've got foam on
my face (rather than egg :-) ), but I'll look at this as a learning
experience. I suspect that beginners all too often see their yeast
as that majic "stuff" which just gets the ball rolling, unaware of,
or even neglecting the fact that yeasts are living organisms - maybe
even with their own "personalities." At the very least, now I know
that each pitching will behave differently; that each wort will brew
in a unique way.

Maybe THIS is what being a "real homebrewer" is all about?

Not worrying,


ps - I hear the the popularity of "high-water" pants has made a recent
comeback here in Chicago!! ;-)

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