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From: "DRCV06::GRAHAM" <>
Subject: Comparitive prices for keg systems.
Date: 1992-04-14 15:53:00 GMT

Here are some comparative prices for kegging systems I did after my post
about St. Patrick's of Texas. All systems include a five gallon Stainless
soda keg, (reconditioned unless otherwise noted), a five pound co2 tank,
two gauge regulator with check valve and gas line. Liquid line with
hand held faucet and quick disconnects on all lines.

St. Patrick's of Texas, (with reconditioned regulator), $140.

Alternative Beverage, $200.

Beer & Wine Hobby, $229.

Great Fermentations of Marin, (used keg), $183.75.

Great Fermentations of Santa Rosa, (New keg, no co2 tank), $155.

Henessee Homebrew, (new keg), $250.

The Brewery, (5 gal. Beer Ball, plastic), $210.

The Homebrewery, $200.

The Modern Brewer, (1 gauge reg.), $180.

American Brewmaster, $177.

Jaspers Homebrew Supply, $182.

F.H. Steinbert & Co., (new keg), $202.75.

Williams, $249. (Maybe less, it's hard to tell from the catalog.)

Well, those are all of the places I could call for free, or nearly so.
Looks like there is a great difference between systems, makes it pay to
shop around.

- Dan

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