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From: (Mike Meyer)
Subject: Coors Party Ball
Date: 1989-09-21 17:30:18 GMT

Has anybody on the list tried reusing a Coors Party Ball, either as a
fermenter or as a 'keg'?

I expect these things are distributed nationally, but just in case, the
Coors Party Ball is a 5.16 gallon amber plastic sphere which you tap. It
can withstand pressures of 35 psi, according to the labels, and is disposable,
rather than requiring a deposit.

I figure it would make a great means of dispensing 5 gallons of homebrew for
a party, provided one can find a way to replace the cap and gasket that
initially seal it.

So far, I haven't hit upon a means of doing that, but my roommate has tried
using one as a primary (closed) fermenter. You need an 11 1/2 stopper to
fill the hole. (We used a #11 , but it was too small, really)

Advantages as a fermenter: Much lighter than a glass carboy, easier to brush
and sanitize, due to the big opening. More compact due to the spherical
shape, and contains very little airspace at top. We seemed to blow off less
actual beer using it.

Disadvantages: Plastic, so you have to be careful of scratches and stuff. It
won't last forever, as the plastic does have a bit of give, and will probably
rupture with a lot of handling. Main disadvantage is that someone has to
drink 5 gallons of Coors for you to get one :-).

As I said, my primary interest in such a beast is to replace the stock steel
cap. This cap is about 2" in diameter, and pretty heavy duty, with two 1/4" or
3/8" holes where one punctures the inner rubber gasket with the tapper, a
special Coors-designed gizmo which you can pick up at any place which sells
these things for 10 bucks or so (if I remember correctly). Sealing a new
cap on would probably require some sort of special tool, as the cap is
sealed very thoroughly, and is heavy gage steel.

I don't trust
the whole set-up as a long-term storage vessel, but think that it would be
quite adequate for priming a batch, sealing it up, and dispensing it all at
once for a party shortly afterwards.

Anyone done this or thought much about it?

Mike Meyer meyer@tcville.HAC.COM

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