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From: (Sterling Udell)
Subject: Stuck ferment?
Date: 1992-04-14 20:50:37 GMT

Matt (mb@Princeton.EDU) writes:
. . .
>morning there was about a 1 inch head of krausen (sp?) on top. A few
>minutes after closing it, I heard the plastic lid flex and then it
>started bubbling away again for a few minutes before stopping. Could

I must confess that I'm interested in this thread as well. I still
use plastic primaries, and a number of times recently I've had an
obviously active fermentation confound me by blowing _no_ bubbles
through the f-lock. Fortunately, when using a secondary as well it
makes little difference to me; I just rack it when the krauesen's

I just assumed that I was getting a little leakage at the border of
the bucket and lid, but this didn't seem entirely right either, as I
could make the f-lock bubble by pressing down in the middle of the
lid. In true homebrewer style, though, I relaxed and didn't worry
about it. I'm still curious about it, however. Has anyone else seen
this before?

Specificaly to Matt: Your fermentation probably isn't stuck,
especially if you have krauesen. If you're using a secondary, rack
when the krauesen goes down as usual. If not, wait'll the foam goes
away, take a gravity reading, and gauge bottling time accordingly.


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