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Subject: Reply to "Stuck Ferment?"
Date: 1992-04-14 22:38:01 GMT

Matt writes as follows:

> Date: Mon, 13 Apr 92 12:23:11 -0400
> From: Matthias Blumrich <mb@Princeton.EDU>
> Subject: Stuck ferment?

> I brewed a pale ale using M&F extra light extract and Whitbread ale
> yeast Saturday night and have it in a 7 gallon plastic primary with a
> blowoff tube. By last night the ferment appeared to be stuck because
> there was no more bubbling in the blowoff. When I opened it this
> morning there was about a 1 inch head of krausen (sp?) on top. A few
> minutes after closing it, I heard the plastic lid flex and then it
> started bubbling away again for a few minutes before stopping. Could
> it be that the pressure flexes the lid and breaks the seal, and the CO2
> is escaping from the sides? Note that there is a lot of pressure
> inside because if I just press down lightly anywhere I get bubbles.
> Could it be that I didn't aerate it enough? If so, what can I do? Any
> help is appreciated.

> - Matt -

I used to see this when I was using the 7 gallon plastic primary
buckets supplied with so many starter kits. What I found was that
I did have active fermentation occuring (as evident by the krausen)
but that the seal of the top to the fermenter was faulty. I never tried
to use a blowoff with these however (I have used blowoff technique
exclusively with glass carboys). I always seemed to have problems
maintaining a good seal, plastic is also a pain in the wort to clean
and sanitize. Anyways, my two cents would to chuck the plastic fermenter
and switch to glass carboys using the blowoff method. Just a thought.

Steve Altimari (
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