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From: (Stephen Russell)
Subject: Brew Club E-Mail Contact Service
Date: 1992-04-15 06:20:15 GMT


A handful of requests in recent days makes me think it's time to repost

I have compiled a list of e-mail contacts to homebrew clubs in the US and
Canada. The purposes of the list are to (a) promote interclub activities
and (b) membership recruitment, using a very rapid form of communication.

So far, I have more than 100 people listed as contacts representing 69 clubs,
and I've made more than 35 referrals in the past two months to people seeking

If you are willing to be listed on this database, please send me e-mail.
Include the name of your club, it's approximate location, and your full name
and preferred e-mail address(es).

(Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Kansas City, Sonoma...are you out there?)

If you would like information on a particular club or clubs or just have
some general questions, please feel free to drop me a line. I am happy
to make referrals; that is the purpose of this list.



list of clubs with contacts as of 4/14/92 will follows....

(in alphabetical order by state/province, pretty much :-)

Birmingham Brewmasters (AL)
Madison Sobriety Club (AL)
Tucson Homebrewers Association (AZ)
Barley Bandits (Orange County, CA)
Hoppy Campers (Modesto/Stanislaus County, CA)
The Draught Board (East Bay, CA)
Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society (San Fernando Valley, CA)
Gold Country Brewers Association (Sacramento, CA)
San Andreas Malts (San Francisco, CA)
Brewing Students of Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, CA)
Santa Clara Valley Brewers Association (CA)
The High Desert TRUBle Makers (Edwards AFB/Lancaster/Palmdale, CA)
Worts of Wisdom (South Bay, CA)
Deep Wort Brew Club (Colorado Springs, CO)
Hop, Barley and the Alers (Boulder, CO)
Mash Tongues (Fort Collins, CO)
The Unfermentables (Denver, CO)
Beer Brewers of Central Connecticut (Middletown-based)
Underground Brewers of Connecticut (Fairfield and New Haven counties)
Brewers United for Real Potables (Washington Metro Area)
North Florida Brewers League (Tallahassee, FL)
Brew-52s (Athens, GA)
Covert Hops Society (Atlanta, GA)
Heartland Homebrew Club (Grinnell, IA)
Ida-Quaffers (Boise, ID)
Abnormal Brewers (Association of Bloomington/Normal Brewers, IL)
Chicago Beer Society
Headhunters' Homebrew Club (Sugar Grove, IL near Fermi Ntl Accelerator Lab)
Trubadours (Springfield, MA and vicinity)
Boston Wort Processors
Chesapeake Real Ale Brewers (MD)
Ann Arbor Brewer's Guild (MI)
Keweenaw Real Ale Enthusiasts United for Serious Experimentation in Naturally-
Effervescent Refreshment Science (KRAEUSENERS) (Houghton, MI)
Minnesota Brewers Association (Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area)
Minnesota TimberWorts (Rochester, MN)
St. Louis Brews
Fish n'Brew's (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Brew Free or Die! (Merrimack, NH)
Bellhops (Bellcore -- Piscataway, NJ)
Mid-Atlantic Sudsers and Hoppers (MASH) (New Jersey)
Los Alamos Hill Hoppers (NM)
Amateur Brewers of Central New York (Syracuse, NY)
Homebrewers' Emergency Club (Columbia Univ. CS Department, NYC)
Ithaca Brewers' Union (Ithaca, NY)
New York City Homebrewers Guild
Homebrewers of Staten Island (NY)
Sultans of Swig (Buffalo, NY)
Upstate New York Homebrewers Association (Rochester, NY)
The Prairie Homebrewing Companions (Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN)
Bloatarian Brewing League (Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky)
Dayton Regional Amateur Fermentation Technologists (DRAFT) (Dayton, OH)
Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers (Cleveland Area)
Canadian Amateur Brewers Association (Dundas, ON)
Ontario: Ottawa Camra
Heart of the Valley Homebrewers (Corvallis, OR)
Oregon Brew Crew (Portland, OR)
Homebrewers of Philadelphia and Suburbs (HOPS)
Happy Valley Homebrewers (State College, PA)
Palmetto State Brewers (Columbia, SC)
Berry Brewers (Saskatoon, SK)
SCA Brewers Guild (Bryan, TX)
Malthoppers (College Station, TX)
The Foam Rangers (Houston, TX)
Mashtronauts (Clear Lake, TX, south of Houston/Johnson Space Center)
North Texas Homebrewers Association (Dallas and northern Texas)
The Back Door Brewers (Charlottesville, VA)
James River Homebrewers (Richmond, VA)
Brews Brothers (Seattle, WA)
Society of Oshkosh Brewers (SOB's) (Oshkosh, WI)

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