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From: cjh@diaspar.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Chip Hitchcock)
Subject: fermenters and seals
Date: 1992-04-15 14:44:55 GMT

A number of people have sent in saying they had problems with sealing
plastic buckets. Is it possible they're not locking the lid all the way
down? The plastic buckets I've seen have a \very/ \strong/ locking rim
(this may be a legal requirement for so-called "food grade" buckets, but
some supply shops may be selling something else); prying it off carelessly
is a good way to lose a fingernail. I also wouldn't automatically endorse
the sealing properties of carboys. I have several 3-gallon carboys (I've
been doing tweaking on half batches) with the standard orange soft-plastic
caps and have found most cap/carboy combinations don't seal tightly enough
to force exhaust CO2 through the fermentation lock; I've used various
gimmicks, including props, string around the outside, and plastic washers
(made from the seals on 5-gallon water jugs) inside to make a tighter seal,
but haven't figured out whether I've run into a bad line of caps or the
neck of the 3-gallon carboy is just a hair smaller/shorter.

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