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From: (John DeCarlo)
Subject: Can CO2 be Useful?
Date: 1992-04-15 18:33:10 GMT

Radical question #1: Are air-locks really useful?

Is there any harm in having CO2 in solution, carbonating the fermenting
beer? Why not keep all the CO2 in the fermenter, instead of wastefully
letting it out in the environment?

Disadvantages: 1) You could exceed the pressure holding capability of
the fermenter, causing an explosion or other catastrophic failure. 2)
Increased pressure could affect the fermentation adversely. 3) No more
listening to "glub, glub".

Advantages: The more CO2 in solution, the less likelihood of oxidizing
the liquid when racking (to secondary, bottling bucket, bottles).

So, does any of this make any sense? As background, I use an S-shaped
air lock, that came with a little red cap. When I started, I jammed the
cap on tight, thinking that was what it was for. But no "glub, glub",
so I stopped doing that. But maybe it would be useful after all?

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