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From: (Mike Meyer)
Subject: Christmas Ales and Barleywines
Date: 1989-09-21 23:23:45 GMT

Indeed it is getting time to start the Christmas Ales. I don't have
a specific recipe to share just yet, but had the opportunity to taste
a Christmas Ale last year which used Pineapple Juice as an adjunct.
It was pretty good, the pineapple juice leaves a pleasant, but not
blatant flavor -- hard to identify, especially in concert with the
usual spices and stuff. It was a real "mystery ingredient" for those
of us tasting it, until the brewer owned up.

I've been off the air for a few months, and noticed in one of the Tables
of Contents posted recently that there was some discussion on "Cherries
in the Snow". Could someone please summarize what happened in that
thread of discussion? I'm somewhat interested in any fruit beer recipe,
and it sounds like someone had problems with this one. I've wanted to
try it for quite some time, but haven't put in much brewing time lately.

Regarding Barleywines: How long do they have to ferment before bottling?
I would like to get one started, and I know they take quite some time to age
properly, but I was wondering if the time is spent in fermentation or just
mellowing in the bottle. (Plus, can anyone recommend an extract-based
recipe -- some specialty grain is okay, but I sure don't want to mess with
215 pounds of 2-row malt per 5-gallon batch...

Mike Meyer meyer@tcville.HAC.COM

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