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From: chip upsal <>
Subject: easy mash
Date: 1992-04-16 10:46:06 GMT

>water heater blanket. What I would like to do is simply add grains and
>hot water to this, stir, let rest, and sparge. Also, for a step mash,
>why not start out with a stiff protein rest, then add boiling water to
>bring it to conversion temp, rest, and sparge?

I do that when I use a pretten rest (I only rest when I use adjuncts or
wheat malt). For example: 8lbs grain; mis with 1 1/4 gal of water at
135degF; hold at 124 for 30min; add 1 gal for boiling water stabalize at
152; hold for 1hr sparge. (determining these temps required some
expairmentation with my system -- I have a water cooler with copper
tubing-false bottom; you will no doubt need to expairment to determin temps
for your system.)

>Or for a decoction,
>remove portions for boiling then dump them back in. It seems to me
>that this can easily be used for any type of mash.

Indeed I have used decoction when my temps from above are off the mark or I
want to mash out.


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